modxTalks for MODX Revolution

Comments system modxTalks is builded on CMS/CMF MODX Revolution with realtime features for boosting user discussions on your site.

In several steps you can add comment system to any page of your site which will attract new satisfied users.

You can use modxTalks wherever you like - from simple blog to huge portals. This is one of the methods to maintain community around your site.


Комментирование фрагмента текста

Commenting of text chunk

modxTalks allows to make quote of a word or text chunk which you can`t do in others MODX tipical comment systems. Just highlight text for quote and press "Comment" button - the window for comment will appear.

Realtime work

All comments are created in real time, readers see new comments instantly without refreshing the page. Make live discussions on your site!

Простота в установке

Комментирование фрагмента текста

Multimedia insertion

When you want to show some media assets this feature somes in handy. Insertion of a picture or video is quite simple - just put a link to youtube or vimeo or link you picture.

Add new readers

Поисковая индексация

SEO index

All modxTalks comments are indexed be search engines which makes you site better in SEO aspects.

Responsive design

modxTalks is responsive so you can use it on your responsive site without any limits. It looks fine on E-pads as well as on mobile devices.

Простота в установке
Уведомления по электронной почте

Email notifications

Notifications about new comments will be send to moderators email. Also after moderation the message about (dis)approvement will be send to commentor.

Simple installation

Установка пакета

Package installation

In MODX manager -> Package Management -> find modxTalks in package repository -> Download and install.

Resource creation

For adding comments to the resource right click on a resource in the resource tree and then "Create" -> "Create child resource with comments"

Создание ресурса

Easy management

Realtime модерирование

Realtime moderating

Moderating of comments is accomplished in real time with help of modxTalks. It is easy and simple.


Several moderators can manage comments in real time.


Комментирование фрагмента текста

IP blocking

You can block spammers or users by IP.

Extra features

Комментирование фрагмента текста


User can sign on RSS channel for comments.

Last Comments

Last Comments

Output unit on your site of recent comments.

Download now!

ModxTalks, MODX Revolution comments system You can download modxTalks package in Extras folder on official MODX site.